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The San Mateo County attorneys at the EMANUEL LAW GROUP represent individuals throughout the Bay Area who have been severely injured or killed as a result of a variety of situations including motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, airplane crashes, sexual assaults and elder abuse.

  • Commercial Vehicle Accidents in San Mateo County Serious injury accidents involving commercial delivery or utility vehicles can occur anywhere – on the highway, in the city, or even in a parking lot. Unlike accidents between private passenger vehicles, common carrier or delivery van accidents can present special problems to the… CONTINUE

  • Sexual Assault Victims in San Mateo County San Manteo County rape victim trial lawyer Todd Emanuel takes civil claims to court against rapists, sexual predators, and third-party defendants who can be held liable for failing to prevent the crime. For more information about his ability to help you in civil litigation… CONTINUE

  • Public Transportation Accidents in San Mateo County Public transportation accidents don’t always involve private automobiles and SUVs. Sometimes the drivers of buses, trains, limousines, and taxis are responsible for serious injury light rail accidents or even fatal school bus accidents. If you or someone in your family has been injured in… CONTINUE

  • Catastrophic Injuries in San Mateo County San Mateo County personal injury attorney Todd Emanuel seeks compensation in civil lawsuits for catastrophic injuries throughout the Bay Area. In cases where an accident victim suffers a permanent disability, severe brain trauma, amputation, or quadriplegia, the principal problem for the plaintiff’s attorney is to ensure… CONTINUE

  • Brain and Head Injuries in San Mateo County The brain and head injuries that result from motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, commercial truck accidents, or any other sudden impact of great force will very often involve head trauma in one of several forms. These can range from a traumatic brain injury secondary… CONTINUE

Meet Our Attorneys


Todd P. Emanuel

Todd Emanuel is the managing partner of the firm. Todd has been given the … Read More


George Ellard

George Ellard brings almost 20 years of experience representing plaintiffs … Read More


Deirdre O’Reilly Marblestone

Ms. O’Reilly Marblestone has more than thirty years of experience representing victims and their families … Read More


Gary Simms
Gary L. Simms brings more than 35 years of practice to his role as the firm’s research and briefing attorney. Read more.


I was struck by a car while vacationing in San Francisco. I was stuck in the hospital for 12 days and needed help paying bills and getting my life pieced back together. Emanuel Law Group returned my call immediately. Todd and his team fought hard, always kept me well informed, and obtained an excellent settlement. They treated me with courtesy and respect. They were honest, fair, and straightforward. I am so grateful for their efforts and would recommend them to anyone who is in a similarly tough situation.

Patrick W