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The San Mateo County attorneys at the EMANUEL LAW GROUP represent individuals throughout the Bay Area who have been severely injured or killed as a result of a variety of situations including motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, airplane crashes, sexual assaults and elder abuse.

  • San Mateo County Wrongful Death Lawyers If someone in your family has died of injuries suffered in a highway accident, truck collision, orviolent crime, contact San Francisco fatal car accident lawyer Todd Emanuel for advice and representation in a wrongful death lawsuit. While nobody believes that any insurance settlement or verdict can provide an… CONTINUE

  • San Mateo County Brain and Head Injury Lawyers The brain and head injuries that result from motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, commercial truck accidents, or any other sudden impact of great force will very often involve head trauma in one of several forms. These can range from a traumatic brain injury secondary to… CONTINUE

  • San Mateo County Bicycle Accident Lawyers Contact San Mateo County bicycle accident lawyers if you or someone in your family has been hurt in a bike accident. Northern California’s climate and scenery makes bike riding a highly popular choice for fitness and even commuting, but our hilly terrain and winding… CONTINUE

  • San Mateo County Elder Abuse Lawyers If you know a person who has experienced elder abuse or neglect or financial abuse in a nursing home, assisted living facility, hospital, or elsewhere, contact the EMANUEL LAW GROUP. There are many forms of elderly abuse which, depending on the circumstances, may be… CONTINUE

  • Sexual Assault Victims in San Mateo County San Manteo County rape victim trial lawyer Todd Emanuel takes civil claims to court against rapists, sexual predators, and third-party defendants who can be held liable for failing to prevent the crime. For more information about his ability to help you in civil litigation… CONTINUE

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Todd P. Emanuel

Todd Emanuel is the managing partner of the firm. Todd has been given the … Read More


George Ellard

George Ellard brings almost 20 years of experience representing plaintiffs … Read More


Deirdre O’Reilly Marblestone

Ms. O’Reilly Marblestone has more than thirty years of experience representing victims and their families … Read More


Gary Simms
Gary L. Simms brings more than 35 years of practice to his role as the firm’s research and briefing attorney. Read more.


I suffered a permanent neurological injury because of another party’s negligence. The incident was a nightmare. The insurance company’s refusal to admit responsibility added insult to injury. I spoke to other lawyers who wanted me to pay them thousands of dollars just to review my medical records without even taking my case. But Todd Emanuel carefully reviewed my records as part of his free consultation, and confidently took the case on a contingency fee. Todd persistently battled my case for almost 2 years until the insurance company gave me fair compensation. Todd restored my financial stability and my faith in the legal system. Thanks for believing in me, Todd!

Katherine P