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The San Mateo County attorneys at the EMANUEL LAW GROUP represent individuals throughout the Bay Area who have been severely injured or killed as a result of a variety of situations including motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, airplane crashes, sexual assaults and elder abuse.

  • San Mateo County Commercial Vehicle Accidents Serious injury accidents involving commercial delivery or utility vehicles can occur anywhere – on the highway, in the city, or even in a parking lot. Unlike accidents between private passenger vehicles, common carrier or delivery van accidents can present special problems to the plaintiff seeking… CONTINUE

  • Spinal Cord Injuries in San Mateo County Any serious motor vehicle accident or fall from a height can result in extensive damage to the neck, back, or spinal cord. If you’re considering a lawsuit for a back injury of any kind, contact  spinal injury liability lawyer Todd Emanuel in San Mateo County. One… CONTINUE

  • San Mateo County Motorcycle Accident Lawyers As a simple matter of physics, any collision involving a motorcycle and a motor vehicle of any kind will result in far more serious consequences to the biker than it will to the automobile or SUV driver. Even at low speeds,  motorcycle accidents can result… CONTINUE

  • Swimming Pool Accidents and Drownings in San Mateo County Serious or fatal swimming pool accidents and drownings  can occur in or near swimming pools. If you need representation in a personal injury case that involves drowning, a spinal cord injury, a hot tub accident, or a diving injury, contact San… CONTINUE

  • San Mateo County Big Rig Truck Accident Lawyers The mismatch between an eighteen-wheeler and a passenger vehicle on California highways often means that the auto driver will suffer serious or catastrophic injuries, sometimes even death in the event of a collision. If you or someone in your family was injured or killed… CONTINUE

Meet Our Attorneys


Todd P. Emanuel

Todd Emanuel is the managing partner of the firm. Todd has been given the … Read More


George Ellard

George Ellard brings almost 20 years of experience representing plaintiffs … Read More


Deirdre O’Reilly Marblestone

Ms. O’Reilly Marblestone has more than thirty years of experience representing victims and their families … Read More


Gary Simms
Gary L. Simms brings more than 35 years of practice to his role as the firm’s research and briefing attorney. Read more.


Todd Emanuel and his team of friendly, courteous experts were outstanding in how they handled my father’s case. Both my father and I have public safety backgrounds and can be skeptical of the judicial system, but not with Todd and his team guiding us through the process. They were with us the entire time explaining each step and they kept us updated as our case progressed. My father and I were very pleased with the end results of the case and would highly recommend the Emanuel Law Group for any personal injury representation.